Wednesday 4 April 2012

Shirt Shopping, Madrid.

J. Zorrilla was a lot of fun.
Once again, no english, just me using every noun and adjective I have in order to buy some old fashioned shirts. I must learn some verbs, just smiling lots and saying -
'Shirt, short sleeve, blue, pocket please, thank you, thank you, reciept please, thank you' works okay but it's a bit embarrassing.
But they gave me a free pen after I spent another €40 on dead stock 1970's children's tracksuits, underwear and socks, all for a film I imagine I will one day design.

A costume observation - see the younger man's purple t.shirt matches the older man's tie. 

As well as a vast selection of shirts, J. Zorrilla have good workwear, waiters uniforms and aprons.

Calle Toldeo 29, 28005, Madrid. Tel - 91 366 52 27