Monday 23 April 2012

Guantes Luque Glove Shop. Madrid

Guantes Luque is a glove shop and manufacturer that has been in business since 1896, as the plaque on the pavement outside testifies. These plaques are given by the mayor to shops which have been open for more than 100 years.
Owner Alvaro is a member of the fourth generation of this family business, he proudly has no website and his only concession to 'new ways' is the telephone. The old mechanical till is still in use.

Alvaro manufactures all the gloves here in Madrid and does special orders for film and TV.
There is good period stock still on the shelves  and minimum orders start at a very reasonable 50 pieces.

Also I notice a coincidence -  there is a Guantes label still attached to the vintage gloves I posted a photograph of on my Pepita is Dead page a few weeks ago.

Guantes Luque - Calle De Espoz y Mina 3, Madrid.
Contact by telephone -  0034 91 522 3287