Sunday 14 September 2014

I am in LA this week pulling stock for our current project which is set in New York in the thirties. Even with a small budget I knew I had to come here to spend some money on authentic American clothing.

I have had an exhausting, exhilarating, ambitious week.

Betsey Potter whom I met on a job last year has been showing me around, driving very fast indeed but I think that's her way, regardless of my crazy schedule.

First stop was MPCC, Motion Picture Costume Co. 

This costume house has a great collection within their principal department.
Having recently purchased stock from another house called Repeat Performance, MPCC have kept a separate area for these principal rentals, so they've effectively got two tiers of quality. This principal collection is particularly well cared for, it contains all the small details and the stock feels very fresh, remember these clothes are nigh on 100 years old.
Some of the hats are just brilliant. I will blog some shapes when we unpack in London next week.

In the evening I went to meet Bill and Jean Gold at Repeat Performance where they have kept a small part of their original collection and this stock is for sale. They still buy too, I imagine they can't stop as they are very passionate about their stock. We had a great chat about clothes, filming, friends in common, and I purchased some garments which will hopefully nail a couple of scenes for me. Bill and Jean's boutique collection was of particularly special quality.

Their online shop is here,  it's worth a visit.

And on the way home we passed the Paramount arches. Doing a thirties film made this feel quite special, something I haven't really connected with before is the history of film making here in LA.

I am usually standing in the rain doing the gritty urban dramas.