Thursday 5 June 2014

My last job was about the Suffragettes and in order to reproduce their sashes and medals we worked with Toye Kenning and Spencer, a company with a fascinating history which traces back to 1685.

These photo's are of our Votes for Women sashes, we also ordered medals which the women received from the WSPU after serving time in prison and hunger striking. Toye had made the original medals and were able to delve into their archive, incredibly finding the actual dies that had been made to cut the medals at the time, bringing an authenticity to our film which none of us had foreseen.

The ribbon was woven and the sashes embroidered to the most pleasingly high standards. When the delivery arrived on our costume truck and we finally handled the material that we had been looking at reference photographs of for months, we felt very much in touch with the women who had inspired our story

Freddie Toye, who helped us throughout the manufacture, kindly invited us to do a site visit to see the whole process and so I think a couple of us are going to do a field trip this summer - can't wait.