Thursday 14 February 2013

I have been asked to join the industry jury who will select the final BAFTA Crew group members once the application deadline closes on Monday.

I was really pleased to be offered this opportunity but slightly dismayed by Regional Programmer and Events Producer, Katie Campbell's email -

    'Applications from the Costume Design sector have been slightly slower compared to the other departments. We think it is vital for new talent in Costume Design to be properly represented in BAFTA Crew so would hugely appreciate your help spreading the word to your colleagues, juniors, trainees and assistants. Anyone in your department who has two or more broadcast or feature credits and lives in the English Regions and lives outside the capital is eligible.'

Somehow or other, despite the efforts of many, the Costume Department often feels slightly disconnected from what's going on around it and under-represented in areas where other departments seem to be more on the ball.
I'm not sure why this is, maybe we just don't have the time but it does often feel like we have missed a beat.

Why exactly have applications been slower from our department?

I can't answer that but I can pass on the application information -

Apply here before February 18th for a chance to join BAFTA Crew.