Wednesday 20 February 2013

At the V&A with Synergy Theatre Project

I have recently finished working at the V&A on a short course: An Introduction to Costume Design for Ex-Prisoners.

The four sessions were a collaboration between the V&A and Synergy Theatre Project.

Marisa Smith, our incredibly well organised co-ordinator and her trusty assistant Bryony Smith, along with Kirsten Shirling from Synergy, steered us through the sessions and helped us all deliver the best we could offer in the time given. This thoughtful planning and concise use of time meant each week we were able to provide an afternoon's workshop with enough space for everyone to have time to communicate and get to know one other, structured around high but achievable goals.
I have a tendency towards bounding enthusiasm and Marisa's judgement about what we could fit into each session was spot-on. The result was a very high standard of visual communication of costume ideas and a solid understanding of character from all attendees.

It was great fun as well as a learning experience and I'm sure all of us 'outsiders' found being in the V&A once a week, and calling it work, a pleasure in itself.

Marisa's blog post with more detail is here.
And the V&A's Director mentioned the classes in last night's Evening Standard.