Friday 9 March 2012

Antonio Garcia's Couture Studio. Seville

The first Antonio Garcia I met in Seville is a fashion designer with a calm, cool, couture atelier in the centre of Seville.
Antonio has worked with us to produce two dresses for our film. The minute I met him I knew we were in safe hands, the creative process was relaxed and the fitting room was as it should be - a space open to ideas and discussion. With my Supervisor, Cristina Sopena, acting as interpreter the three of us along with Antonio's cutters, Marta and Alberto, managed to communicate really well. I find this is often the case, if you share a similar level of experience and a great deal of enthusiasm for your subject, communicating without a common language isn't usually much of a problem. You just need to go at it with some gusto.
Antonio and his brother, Fernando have both designed costumes for films so they understood our crazy schedule, I was amazed and relieved when they turned around a dress ready for its first fitting within 24 hours.