Thursday 26 January 2012

Costume Research: Seville & Madrid

I've been in Seville and Madrid researching Spanish 'types'.
To grasp the look of Seville in three days, I took a whistle-stop tour of as many neighbourhoods and venues as I could, allowing me to see a cross-section of society from churchgoers to flea-marketeers, restaurant customers to the everyday patrons of a fantastic flamenco bar called L'Anselma.
Typial colours in winter are rich browns and ochres; the colour of the earth around Seville.
The lady in the fur coat in the top photograph was not unusual.

I saw these great hand-made leather shoes and boots in Madrid, the shop was closed so I had to squeeze my camera between the bars of the shutter to get a record of them, I will find out more and post the details when we go back, the sandals in particular will be very handy for period.