Tuesday 11 October 2011

Davide Taub, Maurice Sedwell

Walking down Savile Row this week I got to thinking about a tailor Natalie Ward and I met when she was designing 1408. I remembered he was called Davide, extremely passionate about his work and a very clever cutter. I later looked back to the Flickr photo I had taken when I'd asked if I could add him to my workwear project and I'd posted his surname - Taub.

A quick Google and there he is still working at Maurice Sedwell and great news -  he has a blog, it's right here, these are his photographs, I recommend reading his post telling how he came to own the Modern Tailoring books pictured above. 
As you look at the chalk workings it's no surprise at all to read that Davide trained as an architect before going into the family tradition of tailoring, his drawings on cloth could go straight into frames.