Wednesday 10 August 2011

Bectu Costume and Wardrobe Event

The BECTU Costume and Wardrobe Summer Recruitment Social was on Saturday evening.
There was a special  “Join on the day” price of £90.00 for a one year membership.

Over the last two or three years there has been a drive for our department to be more unified and better organised as a professional body. 
There has been a general feeling for sometime that we need to recognise and value our skills and training as professionals in order to maintain a high standard of working practice and to guarantee fair working conditions for ourselves. Only by insisting on proper training can we hope to raise perceptions of what we do. Joining BECTU to benefit from the support offered there and the contact with other working costume departments is the best way we can hope to achieve change.
Lezli Everritt has been working hard to structure an NVQ with the support of BECTU and Skillset and it is well on its way to completion. I know little of the details and am embarrassed to say I have been a slack union member but I was inspired by what Lezli had to say and urge graduates to join up now; there is a special New Entrants price of £60 for a year's membership, available thoughout the first year following graduation from a recognised training programme.
If we join forces and embrace new technology there are side benefits, particularly for graduates, such as networking and the sharing of resources and information which can be tapped into now that we are able to communicate quickly and efficiently.
What's to lose?