Saturday 16 July 2011

Rospo Antiques, Hackney Road

Rospo Antiques on the Hackney Road.

It looks like a tiny wee vintage furniture shop from the outside but inside amongst the old fruit crates and furniture are some gems of workwear and antique clothing.
No typical blanket coverage of the eighties Shoreditch vintage here, it's all carefully chosen, carefully displayed and well cared for.

A big surprise is downstairs which opens into a huge and unexpected basement three times the size of the shop and stuffed with school desks, boxes, posters, handsome chairs and fifties kitchens.
In amongst it all the workwear keeps popping up, surprising and tempting me, but the hidden treat is the project of Rospo's wife, who is Japanese. She has done a really great take on traditional Japanese boro work by hand and machine stitching onto vintage workshirts.
With a delicate finish and a lightness of touch an everyday granddad shirt is transformed into a desirable one-off.
I can't believe she found the time, their daughter is only five months old!

There are also some really lovely pieces of 20's and 30's Japanese textiles hanging on the walls and tucked away in the depths of the window displays.

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