Monday 23 May 2011

A Costume Guild for the UK?

Annie Symons has asked the question 'Costume Guild, Anyone?' and now there is a gathering of people picking up at pace who are interested in coming together to organise a Costume Guild in the UK.
Topically this quarter's Selvedge magazine has an article by Robert Chenciner about the formation of early guilds and trade unions, his closing paragraph:

'It is tempting to make direct connections between guilds and unions. But clearly there is a difference between guilds, designed to protect and uphold standards, train artisan workers and develop markets, and later trade unions which aimed to prevent the mistreatment and exploitation of workers which arose from industrialisation. However they both fought exploitation by the ruling class.'

Annie is organising the first meeting, and then I guess it's up to all of us to add our support, commitment, creativity and energy to get right behind it and look at what we can achieve together.

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