Friday 18 February 2011

Rob Ryan Screenprints for Haiti

A message from Mr. Rob Ryan, in his own words;
As you know, just over a year ago on 12th January 2010 Haiti was hit by a catastrophic earthquake and 13 months later, the country is still in need of so much help.
To try and do my bit to raise some money, I’ve designed and printed a brand new limited edition screenprint which will be sold on Etsy and in my shop, Ryantown on Columbia Road.
The price will be £200 and with Paypal and Etsy fees subtracted (please see breakdown), this leaves £186 per print sold going straight to the Haiti cause. If we can sell the whole edition of 200 of these, we could raise a massive £37,200.
Each print measures 54.3 cm wide by 39cm high, printed using water based inks onto Heritage Woodfree 315gsm paper which measures 68.5cm wide by 51cm high

Cost breakdown:

Etsy fees: 3.5% of each print + 20cents per print = £7.00  

Paypal fees: 3.4% of each print + 20 pence per print = £7.00
Total fees: £14 per print sold.

Best wishes and many thanks,